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The law office of Amador & Cuellar, PLLC., specializes in consumer rights and criminal defense. Through their personalized and quality legal services, attorneys Monica Amador and Abbie Cuellar fight for people who have been victimized by banking, credit, and collection companies as well as the legal system.

Amador & Cuellar, PLLC., fills an important role in the area of consumer law by advocating for the underdog in an arena historically dominated by big businesses. Throughout their law careers, Monica Amador and Abbie Cuellar have witnessed businesses take advantage of everyday consumers. These abuses have left consumers without options and with nowhere to turn. Since its opening, Amador & Cuellar, PLLC., has provided hardworking consumers with an avenue to not only seek legal help, but to also receive results.

In addition to our work with consumers, we represent individuals charged with misdemeanors and felonies throughout South Florida. Our goal is to secure a just and fair resolution of the charges, while providing aggressive representation to our clients. We treat each client how we would like to be treated, in a compassionate, dedicated and professional manner. Amador & Cuellar, PLLC., is eager to serve the community and make a positive difference in the lives of their clients.

"We stand up for the consumer when the consumer can not stand up for themselves"

- Abbie Cuellar


Credit Harassment

Creditors use deceptive, abusive, and unfair practices to try to get your attention. They push the limits of what they can do and oftentimes go too far, which can result in a lawsuit where you are compensated.

Student Loan Relief

Stop the collection calls and threats of wage garnishment. Our attorneys know several ways of getting you relief from your current situation.

Identity Theft

One simple act of identity theft can ruin your credit score and negatively impact your life for a long time. Our experienced team of lawyers can help you get your life back quickly.

Criminal Defense

Being accused of a crime can hold serious consequences. When jail or prison time are a possibility, don’t risk going with an inexperienced legal team. With compassionate attorneys on your side, you can fight this.

Foreclosure Defense and Modifications

The course of the average mortgage is 30 years. Don’t let an unfortunate few months dictate whether or not you can stay in your home. Our legal representatives will fight to keep you in your home.

Inaccurate Credit Reporting

The FCRA, or Fair Credit Reporting Act, ensures all companies you work with fairly report your credit history to the major bureaus. Failure to do so can result in a lawsuit that ends with you being compensated.

Consumer Law

Harassing phone calls from creditors, bad business deals, and anything that has to do with protecting you, the consumer, are areas where our legal team is willing and ready to fight.


  • Mari Ribeiro

    AMAZING attorneys and highly recommended! I am also an attorney and hired Amador & Cuellar to help me with my student loan debt. I was beyond impressed with how knowledgeable and responsive everyone was in handling my case. Attorney Amador's strategies were so brilliant that she helped me settle my student loans for 50% of the debt - which exceeded my expectations! I am so grateful that I hired this law firm!


    Hired Ms. Amador and her partner, Ms.Cuellar for a criminal defense and outstanding is an understatement. From the moment they took the case, they got to work, and they had proof of all the work they had done. Depositions were done in an organized manner and the facts were made very clear by both Monica and Abbie. Once it came to trial, the case was beaten, and justice was truly served. I recommend these two amazing, professional attorneys for not just criminal matters, but civil matters as well!

  • Walter Antonio Gomez
    positive review 

    maravilloso lugar son muy profecionales.y dan un excelente servicio.son muy bueno en todo lo que hacen.y obtienen resultados muy favorables al cliente .los recomiendo al 100%.

    Eusebio Dominguez
    positive review 

    Excelente servicio buen trato super profesionales.y muy flexible a la hora de negociar.y lo mejor son totalmente bilingües.


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