Abbie Cuellar

I began my legal career as a prosecutor with the Miami Dade State Attorney’s Office. Being a prosecutor was the job I dreamed about when I was studying in law school. However, I didn’t grow up with the idea of becoming an attorney, even less a prosecutor. So how did the daughter of immigrants and from a working-class family become an attorney? As luck would have it, while I was studying at NYU for my undergraduate degree I started working for Legal Aid in NYC.

There are certain forks in the road that define you for decades to come. Legal Aid was that fork for me, not only was I fortunate enough to have a boss, Douglass Seidman, who saw the spark in me before I did, but Legal Aid was the metaphor for David vs. Goliath. Legal Aid, was where I saw the faces of those who were most dramatically affected by injustice and where I also saw how good lawyering could save the day. Good Lawyering meant the difference between staying in your home or being thrown out in the street, good lawyering ensured people who were disabled were found eligible for disability and good lawyering was the basis for people retaining their basic rights under the law. Legal Aid taught me firsthand, the tremendous impact having a good attorney standing up for your rights had on people’s lives.

What I experienced at Legal Aid was the catalyst for my becoming an attorney, the reason I have focused most of my career in the non-profit world and why I focus now on consumer rights. We all need to make a living, but we also need to do something we love. I love standing up for people, informing people about their rights, making sure their voices are being heard and leveling the playing field.

The information that follows will tell you about my educational and professional background but the reason I became an attorney should be as important as my qualifications.

As a prosecutor, I handled complex criminal litigation cases including violent crimes, armed home invasions, sexual battery, assaults, and attempted murder, successfully prosecuting multiple cases through jury trial and conviction. After working as a prosecutor, I joined the Miami Regional Counsel’s Office as a criminal defense attorney and served as a Guardian ad Litem attorney

Prior to opening Amador & Cuellar, I practiced civil litigation with one of the largest foreclosure defense firms in Florida, handling complex residential foreclosure actions. I also successfully ran my own practice, Abbie Cuellar, P.A, handling cases in the area of criminal defense, foreclosure defense, and bankruptcy law.

At Amador & Cuellar, PLLC, we focus on consumer law, debt defense, student loan defense, identity theft recovery, auto fraud and criminal defense. We fight everyday for the little guy(the consumer), against banks, debt collectors, the government, auto dealerships and anyone who attempts to screw over our clients. We are passionate about the work we do and relish standing up for consumers when they are being mistreated, harassed or unjustly being accused.

–  Juris Doctorate, Rutgers School of Law, Newark, New Jersey (1995)
–  Bachelor of Science, NYU Stern School of Business, New York, New York (1990)

Professional Associations and Community Associations:
–  Florida Bar
–  Dade County Bar Association
–  National Association of Counsel for Children
–  Florida Association of Women Lawyers
– Hispanic Affairs Advisory Board (served two terms as Chair)
–  National Association of Professional Women
–  National Association of Consumer Advocates
– Women’s Chamber of Commerce

Florida Bar:
–  U.S. District Court, S.D. Florida
–  U.S. Bankruptcy, S.D. Florida

–  Spanish
–  English